Avoid giving money to people, organizations, or causes you hate (if you can help it)

"There's no ethical consumption under capitalism" IDK maybe? But there's buying food from a company that underpays its workers while dumping chemicals into a river, and there's buying food from an organic, family-run market garden down the road.

One good way to do this is Grow your own foodGrow your own food
Because it's satisfying, and because it's a way to Keep cost of living low.

This is also a reason to Shop locallyShop locally
It's inexpensive to buy goods shipped here from halfway around the world, because Fossil fuel companies receive more than $5T a year in subsidies.

But we all pay for it in environmental impact...
. It's easier to know whether you hate a small, local shop than it is to untangle the politics and incentives at play with a multinational corporation.

(Of course, Assume the best about people and the worst about organizationsAssume the best about people and the worst about organizations
It may be true that 1 in 20 people is a sociopath, but that means the other 19 aren't!

They would probably help you in an emergency, and if they sometimes act like jerks, well, most of us do. Some...