Criticism is inevitable and irrelevant

No matter how wonderful of a thing you make, someone will hate it. They'll go on and on about how terrible it is, gaining status in the process. Even if you have made a literal timeless classic work of art. Seriously, many such cases.

At the same time, it doesn't matter if you get all five star reviews. Be careful when optimizing something you can easily measureBe careful when optimizing something you can easily measure
It's easy to measure clicks on a website, and reasonbly simple to optimize for clicks. But clicks don't make you money.

It's easy to measure revenue, and not too hard to optimize for it. But that...

Creative work is hard to produce and scary to share. Posting a negative review online is easy and quite safe. Don't let social media make you miserableDon't let social media make you miserable
Advice from a random NCBI paper¹:

Seek to maximize:

Positive interactions
Social support
Social connectedness

Seek to minimize:

Negative interactions
Social comparisons

¹ source