Use imperative statements

Imperative statements are great.

As long as they're clear to the reader, they elicit at least two nearly-instant responses:

  • Agreement / Disagreement
  • Want to know more / Think I already know enough

Since you Write for Future YouWrite for Future You
Whether taking notes, synthesizing beliefs, or organizing data, focus on an audience of "You, but older and possibly having forgotten all this shit."

Keep in mind that Future You might not ever bo...
, it's important to be unambiguous. For the sake of clarity (Future You is busy), and to make it easy to Keep track of things you change your mind aboutKeep track of things you change your mind about
Literally just so you can brag about it and appear smart.

Some things I've changed my mind about:

Meritocracy is a thing
Tech businesses are net good for the world
It's a good plan to inve...