Freelancers have to understand accounting

Even though Tax laws are complicated by designTax laws are complicated by design
The tax preparation industry is sufficiently profitable to be able to lobby successfully against the simplification of the tax code.

(Source from mainstream media.)

Combined with the facts that t...
and Tax planning is especially hard for freelancersTax planning is especially hard for freelancers
It's hard for everyone, because Tax laws are complicated by design.

Freelancers also have to make estimated payments for the circularly-calculated self-employment tax, an added burden - and th...
, we have to understand accounting tools and principles.

Most accountants are not good at explaining in simple terms what's at stake with any given report, filing, or decision. Like everyone, they tend to suffer from the cures of knowledge.

Accountants can ghost you. It happens all the time.

Even an accountant who communicates well and doesn't disappear can make mistakes, resulting in an audit. If this happens, hopefully they'll help, but resolving it is your own legal responsibility.

Beyond all that, there are the simple risks of wasting money, running out of money, or doing something illegal in your money management. It's good to lean on experts, but these risks are serious enough that you shouldn't completely outsource their mitigation.