Becoming a freelancer means (inadvertently) becoming a marketer and salesperson

No way around it, sorry.


  • Do outreachDo outreach
    Meeting people is good, and often means you can introduce new friends to old friends, which is one way to Seek win win wins.

    See the Long game outreach manifesto.
  • Make your offer clearMake your offer clear
    Be direct and focused about how you'd like other people to engage with you.

    (If you're reading this, I'd like you to message me directly and tell me about what you're working on these days.)

    On a...
  • Optimize for word of mouth marketingOptimize for word of mouth marketing
    Start here.

    Make it highly likely that your customers will tell other potential customers about you.

    Hypothetically, this could be all the marketing you require. But don't do it just because it m...

Oh and also Freelancers have to understand accountingFreelancers have to understand accounting
Even though Tax laws are complicated by design and Tax planning is especially hard for freelancers, we have to understand accounting tools and principles.

Most accountants are not good at ...
, sorry about that as well.