Make your offer clear

Be direct and focused about how you'd like other people to engage with you.

(If you're reading this, I'd like you to message me directly and tell me about what you're working on these days.)

On a website, this is a way to Do the work for your visitorsDo the work for your visitors
(Or, from your visitors' perspective, Don't Make Me Think.)

Prioritize your offerings. Organize your menu based on how people want to use it. Talk to customers and use their language on your w...
, and with life in general it's a way to improve your chances of meeting people who care about the same things as you. Which is a way to Increase optionalityIncrease optionality
Do stuff where you have the option, but not the obligation, to act on the outcome.


Tweet about what you're working on (you can decide whether / how to engage with replies)
Say yes to...