Contain multitudes

Obviously. Considering the alternative is "be one-dimensional."

This is a refinement and clarification on Be authentic, and if you can't be authentic, look for the exitBe authentic, and if you can't be authentic, look for the exit
Attempts to compromise on authenticity tend to lead to flailing, inconsistent attempts to make peace with a situation, followed by rebellion against it, followed by further failed attempts at compr...
: If you're only able to authentically share a handful of fragments of who you are, while keeping the rest out of sight … that's not authenticity.

It's hard to contain multitudes, though. How do you Make your offer clearMake your offer clear
Be direct and focused about how you'd like other people to engage with you.

(If you're reading this, I'd like you to message me directly and tell me about what you're working on these days.)

On a...
when you have so much to offer? If Harmony is better than growthHarmony is better than growth
Growth without harmony is destructive, cheap and tacky. Anybody can do it, as long as they don't Consider side effects.

Growth is a part of harmony, along with decay, and stasis, and nonexiste...
, what happens when the decision seems to be "share authentically and create disharmony, or don't and don't"?