Harmony is better than growth

Growth without harmony is destructive, cheap and tacky. Anybody can do it, as long as they don't Consider side effectsConsider side effects
Here's an example of a side effect: Every place on earth has unsafe levels of plastic in the rainwater.

Seems bad. How do we do less of this?

When considering a change, especially a technolog...

Growth is a part of harmony, along with decay, and stasis, and nonexistence.

Pursuing harmony is more ambitious, and more rewarding. Seek flow statesSeek flow states
All emotional anguish and mental quandaries disappear when you enter a flow state. Put another way: the only problems you have are the problems that prevent you from entering flow.

It helps to P...
and Be careful when optimizing something you can easily measureBe careful when optimizing something you can easily measure
It's easy to measure clicks on a website, and reasonbly simple to optimize for clicks. But clicks don't make you money.

It's easy to measure revenue, and not too hard to optimize for it. But that...