Give everything a home

It's a way to Be kind to Future YouBe kind to Future You
(Unless you can think of a better way to treat Future You?)

Here are some ways to do it:

Avoid debt, avoid jail
Earn enough to save
Decouple income from time spent working
—you never have to remember where you put something, or waste money buying something you've already got, if everything has a home.

Giving everything a home will also help balance out any tendency toward hoarding—Harmony is better than growthHarmony is better than growth
Growth without harmony is destructive, cheap and tacky. Anybody can do it, as long as they don't Consider side effects.

Growth is a part of harmony, along with decay, and stasis, and nonexiste...
, even when it comes to the stuff in your house or the tools you use. (Speaking of which, Choose tools that will last for decadesChoose tools that will last for decades
Not to save money, though choosing good tools will often mean Buy stuff used.

Because over the course of the next few decades, you have the choice between spending time and energy evaluating, ...

Of course, Don't try to optimize everythingDon't try to optimize everything
Not everything needs to get bigger, more efficient, more profitable. Harmony is better than growth.

An optimized system can be harder to maintain, so leaving things in a Good Enough state is a...
—have a junk drawer, a pile of planters in the corner of your yard, straw wrappers on your floorboard. Nobody (whose opinion matters) is judging you.