Publish what you can

Give everything a homeGive everything a home
It's a way to Be kind to Future You—you never have to remember where you put something, or waste money buying something you've already got, if everything has a home.

Giving everything a home w...
, and wherever possible, make the home for your writing a public one.

If you have a checklist for creating a social media post or baking a loaf of sourdough, put it on your website or in a shareable document.

It's a way to Teach people shitTeach people shit
Just because it's fun.

But if you need more reasons, because it's a good way to Cultivate a connection with other beings, and if it's paid, it has the potential to help Decouple income from ...
, and possibly a way to Cultivate a connection with other beingsCultivate a connection with other beings
Just because it's fun, and a great way to Increase optionality and Learn new shit.

It's a way to Seek win win wins, since every win-win-win requires 2 other people.