Cultivate a connection with other beings

Just because it's fun, and a great way to Increase optionalityIncrease optionality
Do stuff where you have the option, but not the obligation, to act on the outcome.


Tweet about what you're working on (you can decide whether / how to engage with replies)
Say yes to...
and Learn new shitLearn new shit
Just because it's fun.

But if you need more reasons, gaining more knowledge is a way to Increase optionality. And learning is a prerequesite to being able to Teach people shit.

It's a way to Seek win win winsSeek win win wins
If a win is good (it might not be), win win is better, and win win win is better still.

Examples of win win win:

Making a mutually beneficial introduction
Recommending a book / product someo...
, since every win-win-win requires 2 other people.