Have something to invite people to

It's way easier to Do outreachDo outreach
Meeting people is good, and often means you can introduce new friends to old friends, which is one way to Seek win win wins.

See the Long game outreach manifesto.
if you're not selling. Have something like a meetup, a podcast, an open source project, or a quest that new acquaintances can join if they'd like. (See Quests are better than pitchesQuests are better than pitches
You should Do outreach, but you shouldn't spam strangers trying to sell your services.

Instead, you should formulate a quest, and invite people to join you, or to help you on your way.

Make t...

Taking the salesy-ness out of outreach makes it easier to Cultivate a connection with other beingsCultivate a connection with other beings
Just because it's fun, and a great way to Increase optionality and Learn new shit.

It's a way to Seek win win wins, since every win-win-win requires 2 other people.

(This idea comes from Book Yourself Solid.)