Be kind to Future You

(Unless you can think of a better way to treat Future You?)

Here are some ways to do it:

  • Avoid debt, avoid jailAvoid debt, avoid jail

  • Earn enough to saveEarn enough to save
    To Increase optionality, and comply with the "debt" part of Avoid debt, avoid jail.
  • Decouple income from time spent workingDecouple income from time spent working
    Because you can't Optimize for discretionary time without doing so.

    Because you should Seek flow states, but working long hours inevitably means spending lots of time not in flow.
  • Make shit cozyMake shit cozy
    It's a way to Be kind to Future You.

    When you're cozy, you're in harmony with your environment. And Harmony is better than growth.
  • Cultivate a connection with other beingsCultivate a connection with other beings
    Just because it's fun, and a great way to Increase optionality and Learn new shit.

    It's a way to Seek win win wins, since every win-win-win requires 2 other people.
  • Learn new shitLearn new shit
    Just because it's fun.

    But if you need more reasons, gaining more knowledge is a way to Increase optionality. And learning is a prerequesite to being able to Teach people shit.
  • Increase optionalityIncrease optionality
    Do stuff where you have the option, but not the obligation, to act on the outcome.


    Tweet about what you're working on (you can decide whether / how to engage with replies)
    Say yes to...
  • Grow your own foodGrow your own food
    Because it's satisfying, and because it's a way to Keep cost of living low.
  • Optimize for discretionary timeOptimize for discretionary time
    Because time is all we have.