Raise your rates

Because inflation. Because you've gotten better at what you do (inevitably, because you make it a point to Learn new shitLearn new shit
Just because it's fun.

But if you need more reasons, gaining more knowledge is a way to Increase optionality. And learning is a prerequesite to being able to Teach people shit.
and Seek flow statesSeek flow states
All emotional anguish and mental quandaries disappear when you enter a flow state. Put another way: the only problems you have are the problems that prevent you from entering flow.

It helps to P...

Because it's a way to Be kind to Future YouBe kind to Future You
(Unless you can think of a better way to treat Future You?)

Here are some ways to do it:

Avoid debt, avoid jail
Earn enough to save
Decouple income from time spent working

Raise your rates. Not as high as you possibly can—Don't try to optimize everythingDon't try to optimize everything
Not everything needs to get bigger, more efficient, more profitable. Harmony is better than growth.

An optimized system can be harder to maintain, so leaving things in a Good Enough state is a...
, don't be afraid to leave money on the table—but raise them.

And when someone pays your new rate without batting an eye, remember to Celebrate winsCelebrate wins
Too much focus on future goals leaves too little room for appreciating the present moments, and past efforts that created it.

Too much focus on others' achievements will make you unhappy. (See D...