Celebrate wins

Too much focus on future goals leaves too little room for appreciating the present moments, and past efforts that created it.

Too much focus on others' achievements will make you unhappy. (See Don't let social media make you miserableDon't let social media make you miserable
Advice from a random NCBI paper¹:

Seek to maximize:

Positive interactions
Social support
Social connectedness

Seek to minimize:

Negative interactions
Social comparisons

¹ source


Make it easy to take notesMake it easy to take notes
afk: Field notes and a pencil are better than anything your phone can do.

otherwise: Have a place to put everything, and make sure you can reach it with a few keystrokes.
, note your wins, then revisit them regularly.

(If you want to Be kind to Future YouBe kind to Future You
(Unless you can think of a better way to treat Future You?)

Here are some ways to do it:

Avoid debt, avoid jail
Earn enough to save
Decouple income from time spent working
, Present You has to accept kindness from Past You.)