80% is good enough (80% of the time)

Go ahead and set an ambitious goal like "Work out first thing every morning" or "Put your phone awayPut your phone away
Going no-phone for a full day is always challenging and always relaxing.

You sleep better when you have a couple no-phone hours before bed.

Using your phone is bad for your posture.

You already ...
after 5pm" or "Do outreachDo outreach
Meeting people is good, and often means you can introduce new friends to old friends, which is one way to Seek win win wins.

See the Long game outreach manifesto.
every day." Try new shitTry new shit
Just because it's fun.

But if you need more reasons, it's a way to Increase optionality.

And then consider it a success (and Celebrate winsCelebrate wins
Too much focus on future goals leaves too little room for appreciating the present moments, and past efforts that created it.

Too much focus on others' achievements will make you unhappy. (See D...
!) if you hit 80% of the goal.

See also: Don't try to optimize everythingDon't try to optimize everything
Not everything needs to get bigger, more efficient, more profitable. Harmony is better than growth.

An optimized system can be harder to maintain, so leaving things in a Good Enough state is a...