Start with friendlies

In tackling a new project, trying to sell your product or service, or attempting to become the leader of the free world, your reach and influence will extend outward over time, like concentric circles.

The innermost circle is made up of the people who already trust you and wish you well. They may not be your target market, and they may not have the influence to get you where you want to be. Reach out to them anyway.

Every person on earth who knows what you're working will help you Increase optionalityIncrease optionality
Do stuff where you have the option, but not the obligation, to act on the outcome.


Tweet about what you're working on (you can decide whether / how to engage with replies)
Say yes to...
. And practicing your invitation (remember Quests are better than pitchesQuests are better than pitches
You should Do outreach, but you shouldn't spam strangers trying to sell your services.

Instead, you should formulate a quest, and invite people to join you, or to help you on your way.

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) will help you improve it.