Keep cost of living low

A low cost of living is a way to Increase optionalityIncrease optionality
Do stuff where you have the option, but not the obligation, to act on the outcome.


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since you won't urgently need to consume resources as they come your way. It makes it easier to Earn enough to saveEarn enough to save
To Increase optionality, and comply with the "debt" part of Avoid debt, avoid jail.

It also requires that you avoid buying stuff mindlessly, encourages you to Buy stuff usedBuy stuff used
This helps you Keep cost of living low and Minimize your plastic consumption.

It reduces demand for new stuff, which in a perfect world would mean less resource extraction and pollution.

, and may even lead you to Grow your own foodGrow your own food
Because it's satisfying, and because it's a way to Keep cost of living low.
- all of which are good to do for reasons beyond saving money.